Rawson's Department Store

‘They just don't make 'em like that anymore’

Walk into Rawson's and you're reminded of something.  Something from the past.  A time when locally-owned, family-operated stores were the centerpiece of Main Street America.  That great tradition is in its second generation at Rawson's.

That's why you'll never find another department store quite like Rawson's.  It reflects us, our neighbors, and the unique needs of our customers.

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Our Okanogan neighbors are just as style-conscious as their big-city cousins.  So we carry the latest in fashions.  But they're hard workers, too, so our western wear is made for real westerners, tough and dependable.

Your visit will be a rare experience.  You'll find an entire block of family and western apparel, shoes, and boots.  There's not another store quite like us.


~ Clothing and footwear for the entire family ~
~ Specializing in quality western wear ~